Programas de Computación


CP-1 Computer Program DAMA (1991 Revision)
This program utilizes multilayered elastic theory to analyze pavement structures for single- or dual-wheel load systems. The flexibility of the program permits the evaluation of highway pavements with up to five different layers using varying (monthly) material properties. Designed to run on IBM compatible computers with 640k RAM. Use with a math coprocessor is recommended - $50.00

CP-2 Computer Program HWLOAD (1991 Revision)
This program is available to run the "Design Procedure for Multiple Wheel Loads". This is Chapter VII of the Asphalt Institute's Manual Series No. 23 (MS-23) Thickness Design - Asphalt Pavement for Heavy Wheel Loads. HWLOAD is designed for use on IBM compatible computers with 640k RAM and requires a computer graphics card. (The MS-23 manual is not included in the CP-2 package and is sold separately.) - $50.00

CP-3 Computer Program AIRPORT (1991 Revision)
Airfield pavement thickness design and life-cycle cost analysis programs are included in the AIRPORT package. Pavement thickness design follows the solution sequences presented in Thickness Design -- Asphalt Pavements for Air Carrier Airports, Manual Series No. 11 (MS-11), and Thickness Design -- Asphalt Pavements for General Aviation Airports, (IS-154). The LCCAIR life-cycle cost analysis program allows for comparing costs between various pavement types and rehabilitation and maintenance options. Both programs are designed for use on IBM compatible computers with 640k RAM and require a computer graphics card. (MS-11 and IS-154 are not included in the CP-3 package and are sold separately.) - $50.00

CP-4 Asphalt Pavement Thickness Design of Highways and Overlays (HWY) (2000 Ver.)
Now in Windows on CD ROM. This pavement design program provides a computerized solution to the structural design of highways, streets, parking lots and overlays as found in the Asphalt Institute manuals, Thickness Design-Asphalt Pavements for Highways and Streets (MS-1) and Asphalt Overlays for Highway and Street Rehabilitation (MS-17). HWY has been reconfigured into an easy-to-use Windows format (manuals sold separately) - $99.00

CP-5 Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCOST) (1991 Revision)
This computer program provides an efficient method to compare costs between various types of pavements and maintenance and rehabilitation options. LCCOST is adaptable to both SI (metric) and U.S. Customary units of measurement, and is designed to run on IBM compatible computers with 640k RAM - $50.00

CP-6 Computer-Assisted Asphalt Mixture Analysis (CAMA) (Version 2.0)
CAMA includes all of the calculations of traditional mix design methods for asphalt concrete, analyzing the laboratory mix design properties (% air voids, VMA, voids filled, stability (Marshall or Hveem), flow, unit weight, as well as effective film thickness and dust ratio) to aid in selecting the optimum asphalt content. Also contains complementary procedures necessary for the laboratory design of new and recycled asphalt mixtures: blending of up to ten aggregate stockpiles; determining the design laboratory mixing and compaction temperatures; and indicating the temperature susceptibility and the low temperature cracking potential for the design asphalt cement. A performance prediction model evaluates the performance of the design mix in the intended pavement structure. All the mix design plots are produced on screen and for printer. Designed to operate on IBM compatible computers with 640K RAM and requires computer graphics card. [5 1/4" diskette required to be high-density, 1.2 Mbyte (not available on 5 1/4" - 360k) - 3 1/2" diskette is double-density (720k).] - $50.00

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