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ES-02 Vibratory Compaction of Asphalt Paving Mixtures

Contains clear, concise, and simply-written information on the several aspects of vibratory compaction. Illustrated with photos and drawings; 12 pages - $6.00

ES-09 Factors Affecting Compaction

For the information of all concerned with asphalt paving operations. Contains concise but explicit explanations of the factors involved in compacting asphalt mixtures; includes illustrations, charts and tables providing guidance toward effective compaction and the construction of pavements that are problem-free and durable; 12 pages - $6.00

ES-10 Cause and Prevention of Stripping in Asphalt Pavements (Second Edition)

Describes the phenomenon known as stripping, as applicable to asphalt pavements; explains the causes and suggests measures for minimizing the occurrence and solving the problem; 8 pages - $6.00

ES-11 Asphalt Surface Treatments-Specifications

Contains explicit information on specifications for single and multiple surface treatments with asphalt. The subject headings are: general requirements, materials, construction, and notes to the engineer, with sections on preparation of surfaces, equipment, sampling, testing methods, asphalt, mineral aggregate, application of asphalt primer, asphalt binder, traffic control and safety, measurement, payment basis; 8 pages - $6.00

ES-12 Asphalt Surface Treatments-Construction Techniques

Details all procedures necessary for asphalt surface treatments. The headings include: Items to be considered, inspection of existing pavements, asphalt distributor, checking distributor speed, checking spreads, aggregate spreaders, rollers, power broom, auxiliary equipment, pavement preparation, surface treatment design, spraying the asphalt, aggregate spreading, rolling, traffic control, removing excess aggregate, multiple surface treatment, precautions, glossary, primes and road-oiling, distributor data, and reproduction of ASTM Method D 2995. Fully illustrated; 28 pages - $10.00

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