IS-137 Hot Mix Asphalt for Quality Railroad And Transit Trackbeds (Second Edition)

The Asphalt Institute, in conjunction with Dr. Jerry Rose of the University of Kentucky, has updated its Asphalt in Railway Roadbeds, (Third Edition). It discusses hot mix asphalt underlayments and full depth asphalt overlayments-their advantages over all-granular ballast systems, practices and designs, mixture composition, and design criteria. It also identifies how asphalt underlayments and full depth asphalt overlayments can enable modern track construction and rehabilitation to meet today's surface requirements of high-speed, special-car, and high-wheel-load freight and passenger service. It is a valuable reference for civil engineers, and anyone working in the rail industry who is involved in the design of railroad and transit trackbeds; Illustrated, 10 pages - $10.00

RR-84-1 Kentrack: A Computer Program for Hot-Mix Asphalt and Conventional Ballast

Jointly published by the Asphalt Institute and the National Asphalt Pavement Association, this publication is authored by members of the Department of Engineering at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. It details the design of railway systems using hot-mix asphalt as an improvement to traditional ballast systems. 25 figures, six tables, 172 pages. - $12.00

TB-6 Rail Transit Construction Using Hot-Mix Asphalt

How to use asphalt mixtures in the structural design of railroad trackbeds. 4 pages - $4.00

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