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IS-147 Asphalt Pavement for Athletics and Recreation

Pictures and describes how Full-Depth asphalt construction provides smooth, all-weather pavements for a variety of athletic and recreational uses. Numerous photos; 16 pages - $6.00

IS-200 Polymer-Modified Asphalt for the Paving Industry

Polymer-modified asphalt (PMA) for paving is introduced in this 12-page overview of how the asphalt industry has specified; blended, mixed and stored; and used polymers in hot mix asphalt - including Superpave construction tips. Fully illustrated; 12 pages - $12.00

IS-201 Grade Control Guidelines for Smooth HMA Pavements

This new Information Series details the necessity of using grade controls for constructing smooth pavements. Strict controls and good paving fundamentals are key to obtaining smoothness requirements. Illustrated - $8.00

IS-091 Full-Depth Asphalt Pavement for Parking Lots, Service Stations and Driveways

Points out advantages of Full-Depth asphalt and gives design and construction information and model specifications. Illustrated with drawings. (Fifth edition) 16 pages - $6.00

IS-096 How to Design Full-Depth Asphalt Pavements for Streets

Updated technology developed from multimillion-dollar AASHTO and WASHO road tests and other road experiments in U.S. and abroad. Illustrated with photos and drawings, 8 pages - $4.00

MS-04 The Asphalt Handbook

The definitive book on the uses of asphalt. Chapters include types of asphalts, mix designs, mixing facilities, paving, compaction, surface treatments, recycling, maintenance, structural design, various miscellaneous uses and tables. Leatherette bound, 640 pages, 150 x 225 mm (6 x 9 in.) - $38.00

MS-06 Asphalt Pocketbook of Useful Information (Sixth Edition)

A handy pocket reference containing tables (in both metric and U.S. units) on unloading tank cars, quantities of materials required for various widths and depths of construction, temperature-volume corrections for asphalt materials, plus other useful design and construction information. 144 pages, 90 x 150 mm (3.5 x 6 in.) - $12.00

TB-7 Full Depth Asphalt Pavement

The benefits of using Full Depth Asphalt in pavement construction. Full Depth Asphalt construction uses asphalt bound layers over the compacted subgrade. 4 pages - $4.00

VA-02V Asphalt Through the Ages

This film, through imaginative animation techniques and actual photography, follows the use of asphalt from ancient times in the Middle East to present-day applications in building materials, water control and its major use, asphalt highways. Running time: 12 minutes - $19.00

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