IS-091 Full-Depth Asphalt Pavement for Parking Lots, Service Stations and Driveways

Points out advantages of Full-Depth asphalt and gives design and construction information and model specifications. Illustrated with drawings. (Fifth edition) 16 pages - $6.00

IS-096 How to Design Full-Depth Asphalt Pavements for Streets

Updated technology developed from multimillion-dollar AASHTO and WASHO road tests and other road experiments in U.S. and abroad. Illustrated with photos and drawings, 8 pages - $4.00

IS-137 Hot Mix Asphalt for Quality Railroad And Transit Trackbeds (Second Edition)

The Asphalt Institute, in conjunction with Dr. Jerry Rose of the University of Kentucky, has updated its Asphalt in Railway Roadbeds, (Third Edition). It discusses hot mix asphalt underlayments and full depth asphalt overlayments-their advantages over all-granular ballast systems, practices and designs, mixture composition, and design criteria. It also identifies how asphalt underlayments and full depth asphalt overlayments can enable modern track construction and rehabilitation to meet today's surface requirements of high-speed, special-car, and high-wheel-load freight and passenger service. It is a valuable reference for civil engineers, and anyone working in the rail industry who is involved in the design of railroad and transit trackbeds; Illustrated, 10 pages - $10.00

IS-139 A Simplified Method for The Design of Asphalt Overlays for Light-to-Medium Traffic Pavements (Second Edition)

Gives guidelines for overlaying deteriorated road, street, and highway pavements of every kind and includes information for determining overlay thickness; 4-page folder - $4.00

IS-147 Asphalt Pavement for Athletics and Recreation

Pictures and describes how Full-Depth asphalt construction provides smooth, all-weather pavements for a variety of athletic and recreational uses. Numerous photos; 16 pages - $6.00

IS-154 Thickness Design-Asphalt Pavements for General Aviation (Third Edition)

This publication formerly titled Full-Depth Pavements for General Aviation is a guide to the design and construction of asphalt pavements for airports intended to serve aircraft up to 270kN (60,000 lb.). Approved by FAA on a case-by-case basis for Light Aircraft. Contains tables, drawings, lists of aircraft and photos. 24 pages - $8.00

IS-168 Tender Mixes

Deals with a problem of major concern to the asphalt paving industry, offering causes and possible solutions; 8 pages - $6.00

IS-169 A Pavement Rating System for Low-Volume Asphalt Roads

Describes a rating system useful to persons and agencies responsible for maintaining roads and streets. Details the assignment of numerical values to types of pavement distress, taking into account the extent and seriousness of the defects. Contains a suggested pavement rating form and photographic illustrations of the various types of distress; 8 pages - $6.00

IS-174 Calculating Pavement Costs (Second Edition)

Offers a procedure for making rapid calculations to determine pavement costs per square yard; 20 pages - $8.00

IS-178 Alternatives in Pavement Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (Second Edition)

Provides basic information on the many alternatives, including the proper time to employ each and detailed example of a life-cycle cost analysis, which can assist in making optimum use of available funds. Charts and tables included; 12 pages - $6.00

IS-180 Safe Storage and Handling of Hot Asphalt

Designed to fill the need for information on safe procedures and the minimizing of hazards in handling hot asphalt. Contains a two-color representation of the Fire Triangle; 18 pages - $6.00

IS-181 Asphalt Pavement Thickness Design

A simplified and abridged version of the Ninth Edition of the Asphalt Institute's Thickness Design Manual. Contains ten tables and information on traffic considerations, subgrade soils, pavement materials, thickness selection, and compaction; 24 pages - $6.00

IS-186 Asphalt Use in Water Environments

State of the art research results continue to illustrate the inert properties of hot-mix asphalt in water environments. Photos. 4 pages - $4.00

IS-187 Mixture Classification of Hot-Mix Asphalt

A discussion of the types, characteristics, and applications of hot-mix asphalt mixtures. Illustrated. 4 pages - $4.00

IS-188A Study Shows Costs Of Asphalt Pavement Less Than Concrete On Ohio Interstates

A recent study of Ohio's asphalt and concrete interstate pavements shows that asphalt pavements have provided 25 to 34 years of continuous services and were less costly to construct and maintain than adjoining concrete pavements. 4 pages - $4.00

IS-188B Hot Mix Asphalt Prevails In Pavement Contests

The Maryland State Highway Administration thinks "we've found the solution to our rutting problem while maintaining all the advantages of Hot Mix construction." A follow-up of a recent industry competition to develop a long lasting economic solution to intersection pavement problems. 4 pages - $4.00

IS-188C Asphalt Replaces Concrete In Award Winning Interstate Rehabilitation

State-of-the-art hot mix asphalt pavement replaces a worn-out, inadequate concrete roadbed. Its construction utilized the latest techniques. Two forms of recyling which the contractor employed saved money, time, congestion, and landfill space. (I-440 Raleigh, NC Beltline) 4 pages - $4.00

IS-188D Asphalt Construction Keeps Traffic Moving

Piney Grove Road project in Columbia, SC showcases flexibility and durability of hot mix asphalt. The project was completed 129 days faster than predicted. Promoting motorist safety, relieving congestion, and maintaining traffic flow in a growth area was achieved using hot mix asphalt-no other material would have allowed the project to be finished so quickly. (Piney Grove Road/Interstate 26) 2 pages - $2.00

IS-200 Polymer-Modified Asphalt for the Paving Industry

Polymer-modified asphalt (PMA) for paving is introduced in this 12-page overview of how the asphalt industry has specified; blended, mixed and stored; and used polymers in hot mix asphalt - including Superpave construction tips. Fully illustrated; 12 pages - $12.00

IS-201 Grade Control Guidelines for Smooth HMA Pavements

This new Information Series details the necessity of using grade controls for constructing smooth pavements. Strict controls and good paving fundamentals are key to obtaining smoothness requirements. Illustrated - $8.00

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