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IS-186 Asphalt Use in Water Environments

State of the art research results continue to illustrate the inert properties of hot-mix asphalt in water environments. Photos. 4 pages - $4.00

MS-12 Asphalt in Hydraulics (Second Edition)

Data for the guidance of those involved with the use of asphalt in the construction, maintenance and repair or reservoirs, dams, holding ponds, swimming pools, sanitary landfills and similar structures. Numerous photos and drawings, 80 pages, 220 x 280 mm (8.5 x 11 in.) - $12.00

PR-1 Environmental Applications of Hot Mix Asphalt

A documentation of the many uses of hot mix asphalt (HMA) in environmentally sensitive applications. Environmental Applications of Hot Mix Asphalt describes liner systems for drinking water reservoirs, fish hatcheries, and sludge drying pads, in addition to chemical containment and landfill caps (surface barriers) and other applications. Fully illustrated; 24 pages - $12.00

RR-75-1A Asphalt Hot-Mix Emission Study

Summarizes the favorable results of an Asphalt Institute study, involving specialized sampling and testing at asphalt plants in New Jersey and North Carolina, from which it was determined that there is no serious air pollution or employee health problem resulting from the use of petroleum-derived asphalt in hot mixes. Contains photos and tables; 20 pages. - $12.00

RR-78-1 Differences Between Petroleum Asphalt, Coal-Tar Pitch and Road Tar

Written by V.P. Puzinauskas and L.W. Corbett, the report serves to identify the differences between materials quite often, and erroneously, considered as synonymous. They are shown to be different in both origin and chemical makeup. The objective of the report is better understanding of the materials and their engineering and industrial uses; 36 pages - $12.00

RR-79-2 Emissions from Asphalt Roofing Kettles

Written by V.P. Puzinauskas, the report details the results of a study that was part of a continuing effort to evaluate emissions from various industrial processes involving asphalt. Information includes data on the operating temperatures of roofing kettles; fumes generated in the kettles; the opacity of asphalt fumes; chemical components of asphalt fumes; measurements of the exposure to fumes of workers constructing an asphalt membrane for a built-up roof. Illustrated; 32 pages. - $12.00

RR-80-1 Exposure of Paving Workers to Asphalt Emissions

Written by V.P. Puzinauskas, the report is a comprehensive account of a study to evaluate the compositional characteristics of asphalt emissions, and to assess the level of workers' exposure to such emissions. The sites for initial sampling were paving construction projects; 16 pages. - $12.00

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