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MS-14 Asphalt Cold-Mix Manual (Third Edition)

The premiere guide for asphalt cold-mix design and construction. Included are guidelines for central plant mix and mixed-in-place construction; specifications for stockpile maintenance mixtures; and emulsified asphalt and cutback asphalt mixture design using either the Marshall or modified Hveem mix design methods. Illustrated with photos; 186 pages, 150 x 225 mm (6 x 9 in.) - $22.00

MS-19 The Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual (Third Edition)

The Asphalt Institute and the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association have revised the publication. The Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual is the industry's key publication for explaining the general characteristics of asphalt emulsions and their uses. The Emulsion Manual will help you evaluate pavement systems for construction and maintenance, and will help you choose the emulsion that best fits your project's specific conditions. This new manual has been completely updated and contains chapters on emulsion chemistry and manufacturing, storage and handling, sampling and testing, selecting the right emulsions, and miscellaneous emulsion applications. The Emulsion Manual contains precise information about when, where, and how emulsions should be used. Contains a glossary, bibliography, and other appendices; fully indexed and illustrated with photographic and line figures; paperback, 120 pages, 220x280 mm (8.5 x 11 in.) - $28.00

MS-21 Asphalt Cold-Mix Recycling (First Edition)

Highlights methods of recycling deteriorated asphalt pavements and reusing reclaimed asphalt and aggregate materials, combining with either emulsified asphalt or hot asphalt cement. Describes procedures for removing old pavements, storing and processing reclaimed materials, and designing and constructing recycled pavements using both in place and central plant methods; 76 pages, 150 x 225 mm (6 x 9 in.) - $21.00

RR-79-1 Elastic and Fatigue Behavior of Emulsified Asphalt Paving Mixes

Written by Bernard F. Kallas, this report's objective is the better understanding of the uses and potential of emulsified asphalt in paving mixes, and toward the advantages offered by emulsions in the use of local aggregates. Covered are previous research on the subject, an outline of the study that is the report's subject, and details of the tests pertinent to emulsions used in paving mixes. Illustrated; 26 figures and 14 tables, 64 pages. - $12.00

VA-01V Asphalt Emulsion Spray Applications

Asphalt Emulsion Spray Applications describes and demonstrates: (a) What an asphalt emulsion is; (b) Pavement surface treatments with asphalt emulsion and aggregates; (c) The steps to be followed for optimal results from emulsion surface treatments; (d) The universal applicability of emulsion spray applications. The film's narration and graphics are simple and free from quantitative information and complex specifications; however, the film refers viewers to the information contained in the Asphalt Institute publication, A Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual (MS-19). Suitable for showing to all concerned with spray applications and surface treatments using asphalt emulsions. Running time: 23 minutes - $29.00

VA-22V Recycling Roads with Asphalt Emulsions

This video highlights the methods and materials used throughout the United States to recycle low-volume road materials to construct asphalt-strengthened pavement bases. Both central plant and in-place operations are shown, focusing on the advantages of cold-mix recycling as a cost-effective road rehabilitation and improvement option. The film is useful for engineers involved in the development of rehabilitation programs for low-volume roads. It is also aimed at state and local government officials, and all concerned with local roads. Running time: 22 minutes - $29.00

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