IS-188A Study Shows Costs Of Asphalt Pavement Less Than Concrete On Ohio Interstates

A recent study of Ohio's asphalt and concrete interstate pavements shows that asphalt pavements have provided 25 to 34 years of continuous services and were less costly to construct and maintain than adjoining concrete pavements. 4 pages - $4.00

IS-188B Hot Mix Asphalt Prevails In Pavement Contests

The Maryland State Highway Administration thinks "we've found the solution to our rutting problem while maintaining all the advantages of Hot Mix construction." A follow-up of a recent industry competition to develop a long lasting economic solution to intersection pavement problems. 4 pages - $4.00

IS-188C Asphalt Replaces Concrete In Award Winning Interstate Rehabilitation

State-of-the-art hot mix asphalt pavement replaces a worn-out, inadequate concrete roadbed. Its construction utilized the latest techniques. Two forms of recyling which the contractor employed saved money, time, congestion, and landfill space. (I-440 Raleigh, NC Beltline) 4 pages - $4.00

IS-188D Asphalt Construction Keeps Traffic Moving

Piney Grove Road project in Columbia, SC showcases flexibility and durability of hot mix asphalt. The project was completed 129 days faster than predicted. Promoting motorist safety, relieving congestion, and maintaining traffic flow in a growth area was achieved using hot mix asphalt-no other material would have allowed the project to be finished so quickly. (Piney Grove Road/Interstate 26) 2 pages - $2.00

VA-04V Asphalt Emulsion and Thier Uses

The Asphalt Institute and the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association released a new, jointly produced video titled "Asphalt Emulsions and Their Uses". This fast-paced, 15-minute video addresses new technologies and shows various uses of asphalt emulsions. Applications covered are: Preventative Maintenance Practices Full-Depth Reclamation Cold In-Place Recycling These applications use new technology to strengthen pavements, save money, and reduce environmental impact. ASPHALT EMULSION...tomorrow's technology today! - $14.00

VA-05V Hot Mix Asphalt Is The Best Buy All Of The Time

This video highlights the methods and materials used throughout the United States to recycle low-volume road materials to construct asphalt-strengthened pavement bases. Both central plant and in-place operations are shown, focusing on the advantages of cold-mix recycling as a cost-effective road rehabilitation and improvement option. The film is useful for engineers involved in the development of rehabilitation programs for low-volume roads. It is also aimed at state and local government officials, and all concerned with local roads. Running time: 22 minutes - $14.00

PR-1 Environmental Applications of Hot Mix Asphalt

A documentation of the many uses of hot mix asphalt (HMA) in environmentally sensitive applications. Environmental Applications of Hot Mix Asphalt describes liner systems for drinking water reservoirs, fish hatcheries, and sludge drying pads, in addition to chemical containment and landfill caps (surface barriers) and other applications. Fully illustrated; 24 pages - $12.00

PR-2 High Performance Hot Mix Asphalt Intersections

High Performance Hot Mix Asphalt Intersections is an up to date look into how to plan and design our intersections to accommodate the increasing loading demands of these high-stress pavement applications. Fully illustrated; 8 pages - $6.00

PR-3 Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques

Rehabilitating our highways with HMA saves resources, time and money. This technical brochure discusses pavement preparation techniques for asphalt overlays over distressed pcc pavements (rubblizing, break and seat, and crack and seat technologies) - $4.00

PR-4 High Performance Hot Mix Asphalt Intersections-Package!

The High Performance Hot Mix Asphalt Intersections-Package! is an up to date look into how to plan and design our intersections to accommodate today's increasing traffic demands. This 3-ring binder contains the complete, four-part Intersection Strategy series including the "World's Strongest Intersection;" (PR-2) High Performance Hot Mix Asphalt Intersections Booklet; a complete PowerPoint Presentation on diskette that illustrates how planning and designing high-stress asphalt pavements is fundamental; and, the AASHTO MP2-99 Grade Bumping Policy. Fully illustrated - $15.00

History Seventy Five Years of Excellence - The History of the Asphalt Institute

Since its founding in 1919, the Asphalt Institute has led the asphalt industry and pioneered new frontiers in asphalt technology. Enjoy this photo-filled book that traces the origin of the Institute and highlights the people and accomplishments that have made it the leader in asphalt technology. 70 pages - $24.00

C-1 Asphalt Institute Caps

White twill baseball cap with white visor. Black embroidered Asphalt Institute logo and name on front panel. Adjustable leather strap. - $12.00

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